Board of Advisors

At MEEDA, we believe in team effort and always seek to involve qualified specialists from different medical, psychological and nutritional backgrounds to assist, support and participate in accomplishing our goals.


Hiba Safieddine – Ex-Vice-President

Hiba SafieddineA registered dietician, Hiba is a Founding member and Vice President of the Middle East Eating Disorder Association (MEEDA) and a member of the Lebanese Dietetic Association.

After completing her BSc in Nutrition at Kings College London, where she focused on eating disorders, Hiba returned to Beirut in 2006 to set up her clinic aimed at helping people with weight issues and eating disorders.

In addition to her dietary work, Hiba is a certified personal trainer and is the Co-Founder of Trainstation, a boutique fitness studio in Beirut.

Based on her professional experience, Hiba is a strong believer in a holistic approach to a person’s well being which combines fitness and dietary treatments.

Dr. Carole Chidiac

Dr Carole Chidiac

Dr Carole Wehbe Chidiac is a Family Medicine Specialist and an Eating Disorder Practitioner with more than 10 years experience in the treatment of eating disorders and obesity.

As an active member of MEEDA board of advisors since 2013, Dr Chidiac has been a consultant and a lecturer for health care professionals, schools, companies and the general public.

As a member of the international academy of eating disorders AED since June 2017, Dr Chidiac is part of two of its special interest groups, educating health care professionals, and increasing awareness via the distribution of its purple book.

Dr. Carole participated as well in the training of the American Centre of Psychiatry and Neurology staff in November 2016 before starting the first intensive outpatient unit for Eating Disorders and Obesity in the Middle East at ACPN in December 2016. She is still an active member of the unit, undergoing supervision for CBT-E treatment by professor Ricardo de Graves. She did a similar training for doctors and nutritionists at GMCCLINICS Dubai in November 2017.

Dr. Chidiac will be completing a training in hospital refeeding for anorexics at Boston Children Hospital, Adolescent Medicine Department , Harvard Medical School in April 2018.

Dr. Paul Audi

Dr paul audi 003Dr. Paul Audi is an American Board certified plastic surgeon.

He obtained his Medical degree from Saint Joseph University in Beirut Lebanon, then continued his post graduate training in the United States, where he trained in internal medicine, at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, and completed five years residency in general surgery at The Brooklyn Medical Center in New York where he was chief Surgical resident in 1995.

His Plastic Surgery residency was at Saint Louis University Hospital where he completed a full training in plastic and reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. After his ten years of acquired experience in the United States, Dr Paul Audi came back to Beirut Lebanon.

For the past twelve years Dr Paul Audi has been in a very busy private cosmetic surgery practice in Beirut, performing facial and body enhancing procedures.

Dr Audi is an active member of the prestigious and highly respected American society of plastic surgeons, which is the only society accredited and recognized by the AMA (American Medical Association). He is also a member of the Lebanese society of plastic surgery, and of the international society of plastic surgery.

Dr. Audi also enjoys all areas of cosmetic, he has great expertise in rhinoplasty, vaser  liposuction and hidef technique.

Dr. Paul Sayad

DrSayad_advrtDr. Paul Sayad is certified (2000) and recertified (2010) by the American Board of Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Sayad received his medical degrees from St. Joseph University, Beirut (1994) He completed his General Surgery residency training at Staten Island University Hospital in New York, USA. (1994-1999). Subsequently, he completed a subspecialty fellowship training in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (Keyhole surgery) at the same institution under the tutelage of Dr. George Ferzli, a pioneers in this field. Dr Sayad authored multiple medical publications in peer reviewed journals and he was a speaker in many international surgical meetings.  He has been working at the American Hospital Dubai since August 2006.

Dr Sayad has a special training in advanced laparoscopic surgery including operations for inguinal and ventral hernias, gallbladder and biliary surgery, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, morbid obesity, malignant and benign disease of the colon, adrenal disease and hematologic disease requiring splenectomy.  His special interests include breast surgery, hemorrhoid surgery, malignant melanoma and endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery).

Dr. Katherine Trelles

Dr Katherine TrellesBachelor in Dentistry graduated from the University of Oslo, 1997. A member of the European Society of Laser Oral Application (ESOLA), the American Aesthetic Academy (AACD) and the Dental Laser Association, Spain (SELO).

Dr. Trelles is currently undertaking a PhD in Lasers in Dentistry at the University of Barcelona (UB), a European Master Degree in Oral Laser Applications (EMDOLA) at the UB, a Master in Implantology at Warwick University and is undergoing the accreditation for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She has been practicing in Dubai since 1999. Co-author of several studies related to laser and oral surgery published during the period of 1994-1996.

Co-Owner of Vilafortuny Laser Centre, Dubai.


Deanne Jade


Deanne is a psychologist and leading expert in eating and weight problems. She has a passionate commitment to help people to recover and has taught a generation of counsellors how to treat eating disorders such as compulsive eating, bulimia, anorexia and obesity.

She is Founder & Principal of the National Center For Eating Disorders in the U.K.

She belongs to professional organisations such as: The British Psychological Society, The European Health Psychology Society, the National Obesity Forum, The Royal Society of Medicine and an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Obesity. She assisted the development of treatment guidelines for eating disorders and obesity by The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Dr. Aimee Karam


Dr Aimee Karam received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2001 from St. Joseph University Beirut – Lebanon.  She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Cognitive Therapy Studies, leading to an Award of the University of Oxford and has completed her specialty in CBT at the Beck Institute for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in Pennsylvania, US. She is a Diplomat of the Academy for Cognitive Therapy (ACT).

Dr Aimee Karam is working as a Clinical Psychologist at the Medical Institute for Neuropsychological Disorders (MIND) in the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at St George Hospital University Medical Center / Faculty of Medicine, Balamand University, Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr Aimee Karam is also a founding member of IDRAAC (Institute for Development Research, Advocacy and Applied Care) an NGO dedicated to research and training in Mental Health. She has authored several research articles and book chapters.

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Caroll Mounzer

Caroll MounzerCaroll Mounzer Najem is a Licensed Dietitian who received her bachelor degree from Universite Saint Joseph. Her post grad MS diploma was focused on eating disorders.

She has had a private practice for 8 years displaying a vast diversity of clientele seeking her expertise in ED, sports nutrition and therapeutic cases.

She continues her education at various conferences and seminars throughout the country.She focuses mainly on wellness, gastrointestinal distress, food allergies and ED.

Caroll has several years of personal and professional experience. She is the owner of “ON DIET nutrition clinic” which is a clinic that handles all nutrition therapeutic cases and has a focus on ED and nutrition for professional athletes; in addition Caroll is the Head of the Nutrition Department at HOPITAL LIBANAIS-GEITAWI.

Caroll is an instructor in her field in different local universities: USJ- NDU- LIU- BALAMAND.

Nadine Zeeni

Nadine ZeeniDr. Nadine Zeeni is a full-time assistant professor at the Lebanese American University (LAU) since 2009. She was the first Faculty member in Nutrition at LAU and is now coordinator of the Nutrition Program.  She studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Lebanon, before getting her Masters from McGill in Canada and her PhD from AgroParisTech in France. She was part of the NuSISCO (Nutrient Sensing in Satiety control and Obesity) project funded by the European Union that aimed at better understanding the growing obesity problem in Europe. As part of her research, Nadine discovered that long-term exposure to a high-fat diet reduces feelings of fullness. Her research currently focuses on the areas of hunger regulation as well as the etiology of obesity and eating disorders in the Arab region.